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CEO & Co-Founder @Magmatic Ventures (Germany)

Clemens Henle is CEO and Co-Founder of Magmatic Ventures, an

early-stage venture capital firm located in Germany. An experienced entrepreuner, he built a leading digital marketplace business. As investor, graduate from Harvard Business School and Stanford University, speaker at start-ups events, he supports start-ups with an extensive network of experts and business leaders. Main interests are cybersecurity, digital identity, AI, Saas and marketplace solutions.

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Magmatic Ventures invests in and supports high tech founder teams. As investors with entrepreneurial experience, the Magmatic team helps start-ups in the seed, idea and founding phase. Founders can request help with strategy, marketing, HR as well as agile prototyping. Founders profit from our profound business know-how, international network and if requested, direct engagement. Magmatic focus is on asset-light lean start-ups from AI, blockchain to SaaS.

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