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Jérôme Wittamer.jpg
Jérôme Wittamer,
Managing Partner @Expon Capital

Jérôme is Founding Partner of Expon Capital : Investor in big ideas with the potential for positive impact & exponential growth. He has been active both as an investor and as an entrepreneur in the technology, telecom and Internet spaces for 25 years. His latest investments include revolutionary big data company Spire Global (space constellation that will save lives, crops and billions in GDP), super fast growing Catalyte, a software development company using predictive analytics to advance human potential in poor neighbourhoods. Jerome likes genius founders embracing highly complex problems to make a positive impact on the world. These crazy people rarely have any competition and end up building highly valuable companies. What keeps him awake at night is finding those unique founders with the combination of intellect, unparalleled insights, grit and courage with the strong conviction that these need to be applied to solving problems that matter for the greater good of mankind.

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