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CEO, General Partner @Joint Polish Investment Fund (Poland/Germany)

Ms Nickelsen is a venture capital professional with more than 20 years of supervisory board and investment experience in companies based all over Europe. Before JPIF, Ms Nickelsen was a partner at Aescap, a life science venture capital fund based in Amsterdam (, and before that a director at 3i Group plc in London ( She holds an MBA from INSEAD (France) and a Masters in Biology from Philipps University Marburg (Germany). In addition to her role at JPIF, Ms Nickelsen is a senior advisor to a large German co-investment Fund as well as an advisor to the ministry of economics and innovation in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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The Joint Polish Investment Fund, ("JPIF") is a new Life Science Venture Capital Fund, which focuses on investments in Life Science companies with visible and near-term value inflection points and a prospective holding period of 3-5 years. JPIF consists of a team of people with broad experience in the life-science sector. Scientists and medical doctors with industrial experience work hand in glove with colleagues who have a thorough training in economics and business affairs. Everybody is driven by true interest in the life science field and new technologies, which will greatly contribute to people’s health disease management and quality of life. Entrepreneurs backed by JPIF have access to the knowledge and advice of each member of the JPIF team and to the associated global scientific and commercial network. Together JPIF and entrepreneurs are therefore in the position to accelerate preclinical, clinical or commercial development and a successful market entry into the most important healthcare markets: Europe, the U.S., and Asia. The management team of JPIF has a long track record in sourcing, structuring and selling businesses ranging from seed stage to more mature, revenue generating companies.

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