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Head of Digital Products & Innovation
@Menora Mivtachim Insurance LTD (Israel)

In her past experience Orly functioned as a consulting director at KPMG, Head of Leumi Digital and was one of the founders at Pepper, the first Digital Bank in Israel. Orly has vast experience and professionalism in the finance world and digital tech.

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Menora Mivtachim Holdings Ltd. is one of Israel's five largest insurance & finance groups. The group specializes in asset management, manages the largest pension fund in Israel - ‘New Mivtachim', and is the largest General Insurer in Israel and the market leader in Motor Insurance sector.The group operates through its subsidiaries, in all sectors of Life Insurance, Long/Mid/Short -Term Savings, General Insurance and Health Insurance. In addition, the group is active in the capital markets and finance sectors, including Mutual Funds Management, Financial Portfolio Management, Underwriting and worldwide real estate investments.

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