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Peter Chun
Founder @XnTree

Jaewon Peter CHUN is a founder & CEO of ARK-i Labs and XnTREE and President of World Smart Cities Forum. ARK-i Labs is New York City based smart city investment company and XnTREE is London-based Tech startups accelerator that has nurtured more than 200 startups at Level39 which is the Europe's largest open tech cluster where more than 10 unicorns were born. World Smart Cities Forum (WSCF) is London-based non-profit organisation that advises the governments to establish smart city initiatives. Peter currently works as a master planner for Hanoi(Vietnam), Lviv(Ukraine), and New York state(US). He was also established a national smart city master plan in South Korea as a master planner in 2018. Based on his involvement in Cognicity project, the smart city challenge programme in Canary Wharf in London, Peter launched the smart city tech sandbox to foster the tech startups and SMEs in New York, London and South Korea and some of the chosen startups in the cohort programme would be able to participate in smart city projects that ARK-i Labs is currently working on.

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