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Samuel Solomon
Chairman @Mobideo Technology Ltd

Samuel H. Solomon is a successful entrepreneur and business executive with over 30 years’ experience in the legal, financial and information technology industries. Sam’s unique perspective, eclectic education and varied experience makes him a much sought-after speaker and business consultant. Mr. Solomon founded and led his company,, ultimately generating two capital transactions for the firm and retiring in August 2009.  


Today, Sam is Chairman of, an Industry 4.0 software platform to optimize complex workflows in the oil and  gas/petrochemical industry – with customers including Dow Chemical worldwide and Kock Industries, and recently founded two pro-Israel NGOs and Sam has an MBA, with distinction, from New York University in Finance; a MS from Bernard Revel Graduate School in Philosophy; Rabbinic Ordination from
Yeshiva University; and a BA from Yeshiva University in Mathematics.


Sam and his wife, Meryl, made Aliyah in 2010 and have two children and a bevy of grandchildren living in Israel. They live in Beit Zayit just outside of Jerusalem.

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