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President @BAUR (Russia)

President of BAUR - community of private investors. Business-angel. Managing Partner at "Factor launchpad business". Founder of the first acceleration program of the Ural region "Factor" (since 2014) and the Ural International Venture Forum (since 2009). Personal investments in several startups. The main interest and core competencies are investments and innovative project activities.


The Urals Association of Business Angels (BAUR) was established in 2010 and serves as a screening and recommendation body for its members. Among BAUR members are people who had successful experience developing startups to multi-million dollar companies. Our focus is on the Urals region of Russia which is one of the major industrial and intellectual centers of Russia located just in two hours flight from Moscow. With the area comparable to France, and population of over 12 million, it has great legacy of R&D centers from the Soviet times but significantly lower cost of living, compared to Moscow and St. Petersburg. The combination of these factors makes the region the ideal location for innovative companies and research centers targeting the international market.

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